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Word nerd.
Dog lover. 
Lifelong learner.
Curious empath.

Hi, hello, nice to see you here.
Grab a cuppa and settle in.

I love words. Always have, always will.

I'm also an empath who wears her heart on her sleeve.

For years, I thought my sensitivity was a weakness, a downside, something I should change. 


But I’ve since realised that it’s also my greatest strength.

Because when you combine writing skills with empathy, warmth and a love of people, you get something pretty special: a storyteller.

You see, even though I’m an introvert, there’s nothing that lights me up more than talking to people and finding out what makes them tick.


What gets them up in the morning.

What keeps them up at night.

Why they’re driven to do the work they do.


So interviewing someone who is passionate, clever, or wants to change the world for the better? It’s like being plugged into an electricity socket and being charged with incredible energy.


In a nutshell, my passion is drawing out that person’s story and bringing it to life through my words.

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The ‘soft click’

You know that feeling when something just fits and you know it in your bones?


I haven't always felt this way.


I thought I was a corporate gal, destined to lead a comms team and smash the glass ceiling en route. Then 2020 happened – not only COVID-19 but the death of a close family member.


My world turned upside down and my perspective shifted.

I realised I was meant for a different path. One where I:


Craft stories about businesses with a purpose. Not corporate organisations whose primary purpose is making money.


Work with businesses that are purpose and values-driven, striving to make their corner of the world a little [or a lot!] better. 


Shine a light on small business stories and female entrepreneurs.


Help you clarify and amplify your messages so you can share your brand purpose with as many people as possible. 

That was my ‘soft click’ moment where everything fit into place. This is what I was born to do.


Love what you do but can’t write about it?

Think back to when you first started your business. And more importantly, why. 


As a fellow small business owner, I imagine it’s because you felt passion for something. A drive to effect change. You wanted to make a difference.


But let's face it -- running a business is hard.


Have you found that, somewhere along the way, your spark has dimmed?


That’s a confronting question so let me ask it in another way. If you were to explain your business, your purpose, your ‘why’ – what comes to mind? Do you have the same passion you did at the start? Are you bursting with energy and ideas, or do you feel, well, kind of listless and unsure?

If you feel overwhelmed just thinking about that question, it might be time to outsource the parts of your business that you don’t like or that make you feel stuck.


Hear me out.

Do you feel like you're wearing 1,000 hats?


You're CEO, CFO, Administrator, Copywriter, Marketer, Web Designer and Social Media Maven, all at the same time?


Let's not even get started on parenting and life admin.

And then suddenly you’ll hear about a new social media platform, be it TikTok or Instagram Reels, and feel overwhelmed about something new to learn.


Or you’ll be trying to write for your business, but have analysis paralysis and not know where or how to start. 

Let's consider another option.

Think about outsourcing the parts of your business that you find hard, don’t enjoy, or just don’t have an aptitude for.


Sure, it will cost you more in the beginning, in money terms at least, but that’s not the only cost to consider.

There’s also your energy, focus and passion.

And if trying to write for your business is costing you these things, outsource it. 


Not to your assistant, not to your next-door neighbour and not to your partner, but to an expert copywriter.


You might just find you make that money back – and then some – by having a clear and consistent message and connecting with your target audience.


Why work with me?


I’ll approach your business with empathy and warmth. I'm dedicated to your success. 


I have a curious mindset. I don't take things at face value. 


I believe in plain English, not fancy jargon.


I'm a lifelong learner. I believe there’s a difference between talent and skill.

"Helen is a gifted storyteller. She is able to translate complex information into compelling messages and stories, and consistently puts herself in the shoes of the target audience when writing copy."


National Marketing Manager,


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