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Communications strategy and copywriting


Who I work with

Are you:


  • Committed to being led by integrity and clear values?

  • Striving to make a difference in your corner of the world?Running a product or services-based business?

  • Driven by passion and inspiring others?


If so, you're exactly the kind of business owner I love working with.


In my past corporate life, I gained diverse experience in B2B and B2C communications. In financial services, government, healthcare and the arts.


But one of the reasons I branched out on my own was to work with businesses with purpose.


Businesses just like yours.

Anyone I don't work with?

You bet. If your business is deliberately founded on making people feel ‘less than’ or making lives more difficult in the long term, I’m not the right fit.


So if you’re in the business of selling gambling, cigarettes, diet shakes, or credit cards that charge 20% interest, I’m not your gal.

What can I help you with



Throwing everything at the wall and hoping something sticks?

You need a comms strategy.




Brand stories, website copy, point of sale materials, email nurture sequences, social media posts, FAQ documents, even phone scripts to support a marketing campaign - words are my jam. 




So you have words on a page but they just don’t sound right? You need a little external intervention to spruce them up, add a little liveliness and personality, or re-structure for clarity.

How I work

I work best and most creatively when I’m involved in strategy upfront. I can work with you (or your marketing team, if you have one), to identify the who, what, when, where, how, and why.



Who is your ideal audience? You probably already intuitively have a sense of this, but I can help you drill down further and even create customer personas for you so you’re always clear about who you’re talking to. You might be wondering why this matters. If you know your target audience is (let’s say), mums in their 40s with a couple of kids, full-time work and a busy lifestyle, what more do you need to know? Well, heaps, actually.


When I write, I’m not particularly effective if I’m thinking of all mums in their 40s. As humans, we’re deliciously unique. By trying to write to everybody, I’m actually getting through to nobody. But if we dig deep and keep asking questions, we can build a well-rounded persona and be specific and memorable in the way we communicate. It’s much better to write with one specific person in mind, rather than a sea of people who merge together and meld into one murky identity.


What is your unique service proposition (USP)?  What differentiates you and makes you special? What are your key messages? Why would your customers choose to buy from you rather than the competition?


You need to be clear on all these things to appeal to your target audience.


When will you communicate? To know the answer to this question, you need to dive into your analytics and know when your are customers online.


You could have the clearest, most compelling message in the world, but if you send it when your customers aren't there, it just won't resonate.


Where do your customers hang out? Instagram? Pinterest? Twitter? LinkedIn? Facebook? YouTube? Private Facebook groups? Networking groups? In-person events or conferences?


By understanding your customers and their online (and in-person) behaviour, you’ll be able to craft a strategy to reach them. It’s similar to sending messages at the right time – if you don’t choose the right channel, you’ll be talking into a wind tunnel.


How will you reach your ideal customer? Will you have a regular email newsletter? Regular marketing campaigns? Collaboration with other brands or influencers? Private Facebook groups? Digital ads?


The more you plan and strategise, the better the results.


Why are you communicating? What’s the objective?


If you start sending content for content’s sake, you’ll see a drop in engagement. The same holds true if every email or social media post is promotional.


You need to mix it up with content that educates, informs and entertains. By ensuring that each piece of content has a clear purpose, you’ll stay on brand, on message, and relevant to your target audience.

"Helen is my go-to consultant for all website editing and proofreading. She’s an absolute pleasure to work with and her attention to detail brings out the best in any communication!"


Google Ads Specialist 

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